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'Kay, so I'm back from New Jersey and all settled in, so I thought I'd check the voting results. For those of you thinking of visiting Jersey, take it from someone who was born there, don't. Unless you have to. You're better off going to Pennsylvania or New York. Much more to look at.

Admins, I've given you all the privilege of writing the club blog, so if there's something you need to get out to the group, do so! Don't be shy about telling the world what's going on, and feel free to ask members for ideas about competitions and such.

Well, the results of the contest voting are in! In first place, we have Jammerlee with 56% of the votes, in second place we have sims247 with 32% of the votes, and tied for third we have KittyCowLexa, DarkRisingStuff, and Yoshifan1993 with 4% of the votes each.

Congratulations! Members, does anyone have any ideas for the next one?

True friends stab you in the front. ~Oscar Wilde
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Dedicated to quality Sonic the Hedgehog fanfiction.

Our aim is to build a collection of good quality stories, and to help those writers who put time and effort into their fanfiction to have their work noticed, and get good quality reviews.

:iconamyroseplz: Membership:iconamyroseplz:

...Is open, just click "Join Our Group"!

:iconchaoplz:Contributing work:iconchaoplz:

Stories submited via the "Contribute Art" button are subject to approval by the admin. We don't accept just any story. Please read the guidelines to avoid disappointment.

Please submit stories to the correct alphabetical folder according to your username, and poetry, reviews or competition entries to their own folders.

:bulletred: A link to the Full Submission Guidelines :bulletred:

:icontailsplz:Guidelines Cliffnotes: :icontailsplz:

Has your fanfic been carefully checked for spelling and grammar errors?

Have you thought about paragraphs and where to include them?

Does it read like a book, and not a script?

Is it suitable for younger or teenage readers?

Yes? Then go ahead and submit!

:iconcreamplz: How else can I participate?:iconcreamplz:

:iconbokkunplz: Reviews :iconbokkunplz:

Enjoyed a good Sonic the Hedgehog fanfiction recently? You could submit a review to this group to let others know about it, to praise the author and perhaps help them improve their writing skills.

Reviews should aim to be thoughtful, constructive, and at least 50 words in length.

Please submit them to the reviews gallery folder. They will be read by an admin before they show on the page.

If the story is suitable for our group, the author will be contacted about submitting it to the main gallery. Of course, you can and are encouraged, to review the stories already submitted!

:iconsonamyglompplz: Suggest a fave:iconsonamyglompplz:

Just click the button at the top! The fanfiction will be read by an admin to check that it fits our guidelines before it'a accepted.

If the story is suitable for our group, the author will be contacted about submitting it to the main gallery.






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Thank you for letting me join! :D
Neko1Inu2Kitsune3 Mar 22, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Hello! I was wondering; is this group still active? The last journal post was a long while ago, but the newest member was added just a day ago.
The group is still very much active. We get and accept new submissions daily. The journal is admittedly an old one since we haven't had inspiration for a good, long lasting one.
Neko1Inu2Kitsune3 Mar 23, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Oh, alright! In that case, may I ask your policy on fanfictions that center around FCs? I have just recently gotten back into the fandom after a long break, and most of my friends have moved on to other things. As such, my works haven't gotten much (any) feedback so far. Most of my personal works center around FCs with official characters showing up but in less important rolls, and while I'd like to get them out there, I don't want to violate any of your rules regarding the subject.
As long as work is clearly recognizable as Sonic fanfiction or Sonic inspired crossover, it doesn't matter which characters are in the focus. Other submission guidelines still apply as per usual. You can find our full submission guidelines here: sonic-fanfic-writers.deviantar…
(1 Reply)
ImaginationUntamed Mar 21, 2014  New member Hobbyist Traditional Artist
hi! thanks for letting me join!!Sonic La 
I come here to say that this new thing concerning SOPA may involve what your group does, you can check or ignore:…
Blossom5280 Mar 9, 2014  Student General Artist
is slight cursing allowed in this group??Not like major curse words,but just the less bad ones.
As long as it's not excessive, slight cursing is allowed.
Blossom5280 Mar 13, 2014  Student General Artist
alright.thank you
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